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Folding Truck Rack

The foldable, concealable truck rack you've been looking for

Full-size pickup truck owners looking for a truck rack that doesn't get in the way choose TUCKRACK


Hide It

When you don't need a truck rack, TuckRack tucks away, out of sight and out of mind. TuckRack is the first and only foldable truck rack of its kind on the market.


Load It

TuckRack is made as tough as your truck. TuckRack can safely hold up to 500 lbs, is made from high grade, powder-coated, 11-guage, 1/4-inch-thick  steel that carries considerable loads. 


Trust It

TuckRack is a family-owned and proudly made in the USA. It is laser cut and Heliarc [TIG] welded by expert Massachusetts craftsmen and fully sandblasted, primer and powder-coated for a quality finish. 


TuckRack gives you the flexibility to use your truck the way you want, when you want.


Use it or lose it. Your call. 

Control the look and function of your truck with TuckRack. 


All-purpose equipment for

all-purpose trucks


Questions? Comments? 
Get in touch. 

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842 Main St, Winchester, MA 01890, USA

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(501) 777-8188

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